aloha. hello. bonjour.

My name is Jane Johnson.  I’m a graphic designer and photographer living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific with my overly handsome husband of over a decade.  Goodness, I love that man.

The first thing you should know is this: I’m a writer.  I love to write.  And I write how I talk.  So this is me.  Plain and simple.  No fluff.

This graphic design business started accidentally.  When I started my photography business in 2007, I designed a new website for myself to stand apart from the cookie-cutter websites and expected, ordinary fonts most photographers were using at the time.  I did a trade with a friend to develop it for me.  And when it went live, a lot of people asked if I could do the same thing for them.  So I did.  And I haven’t looked back.

I design because I can’t help myself.  I’m a self-proclaimed type-AA personality, which means every single project I put out is created pixel-perfect.  I’m also a font snob.  (Some things you just can’t help.)  And everything I’ve learned has been self-taught.  (Would you believe I actually failed my college graphic design program?)  I suppose that little tidbit is the truth of 1 Corinthians 1:27 lived out: He has chosen the foolish of the world to put to shame the wise.

It’s that series of unexpected events that has woven together this business that I love.  And now you find yourself here.  With me.  Thinking about starting a creative journey of your own.  I would love to come alongside and help you along with it.

Take a look at my work.  If you think we’d be a great fit together, hop on over to the Contact page and send me a note.  I can’t wait to chat!

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