An Earthy and Authentic Website Design for Photographer Emily Magers

Happy New Year, friends! I hope your holidays were relaxing and delightful and your 2016 is starting off with a buzz of excitement and creativity! I have a brand new custom ProPhoto website design to share with you today that just went live on January 1st! Emily Magers is natural light wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Los Angeles with a self-described passion for all things whimsical, candid, and madly in love.

Emily approached us last fall about giving her website a makeover. She had recently completed a new logo design that was hand-lettered by Caroline Sleeper of C.S. Creative Studio and needed a gorgeous new website to go along with it. That’s where we came in. We took her new logo, filled in with some brand styling, and put together a dream of a site that’s perfect for Emily’s brand and fun-loving personality.


Modern Hipster earthy organic ProPhoto Website Design

With color inspiration pulled from all things organic, Emily is drawn most to rich tones like mustard yellow and forest green. She’s a city girl made for the mountains, and it was important to her that the color palette set the tone for the rest of her website. She was originally headed in an illustrative direction with painted flowers. However, her Pinterest board (a glimpse of which is shown above) was heavily influenced by floral photographs. Real ones, not drawn ones. So we ditched the illustrations and she styled the florals to be photographed on her website.

It’s a small detail that fuels the authenticity and richness her photographs are complemented by. And a very important one that brings her whole site together.


Modern Hipster earthy organic ProPhoto Website Design

Emily wants every client to feel as if she is their best friend. It’s how she approaches every wedding she photographs. (After all, a bride should always feel safe, comfortable, and herself with the person that is documenting one of the most important days of her life!) Authenticity is imperative to her. It’s what connects her emotionally with her clients. And what engages her audience in the visual stories she’s telling.



Modern Hipster earthy organic ProPhoto Website Design

Emily doesn’t just see her photography business as a career. She also sees it as a ministry. One that God hand-picked her for and created her to fulfill. She’ll be the first to tell you about how He pushed her to pour into the lives of her clients as she documented their greatest-lifetime-moments. And about how she stepped out into this creative journey full time four years ago. So it was about time she had a brand that matched her talent.

See the brand new website design for Emily Magers live on her website:

Modern Hipster earthy organic ProPhoto Website Design