Urban Inspiration Board: Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight for this Urban Inspiration Board we received today from a brand new Logo Development client! The client match couldn’t be more perfect for our design aesthetic.  From the uptown city restaurant (the windows and industrial string lights!) and the richly neutral color scheme to the edgy lettering and bold typography. We love it all and are so excited to tackle this rebranding project!

The best parts of receiving these inspiration boards is how they jump-start creativity in other areas (not just for the project they have been created for).  I’m in the process of deciding how I want my small office nook to be decorated in terms of wall space and have been really loving the idea of having a good old-fashioned physical mood board nearby.  Something I look at every day and can update on the fly.  The mesh mood board wall hanging is an industrial take on the traditional cork board (and provides a subtle grid for the type-A that lies at the core of me).

Since we moved to Maui, my style has leaned more toward the industrial side which I didn’t expect.  Putting everything you own into a storage unit and starting over on nesting was a surprising opportunity to see how my style has evolved.  As hard as I want to define it before diving it, it’s been much more fun to just go with my gut on pieces I’m drawn to.  Maybe I’ll photograph the final result and post it here in the future.  But the best part about that particular grid-on-the-wall pin is that it’s a DIY project (instructions linked below)!  That’s a two-fold win for one inspiration board!

The Urban Inspiration Board:

Urban Inspiration Board

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