Welcome to the Brand New Jane Johnson Design Website

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Hello friends and welcome to the brand new home of Jane Johnson Design!  It’s been months and months of dreaming, planning, redrawing, and piecing together.  And if we’re being honest, I could have tinkered and perfected forever.  I finally had to tell myself at 3am on Monday night that it was time to stop.  Stop over-thinking.  Stop second-guessing.  And just move forward confidently with the new brand.  That’s the tough part of being your own client.  You’re never quite ready to give final approval.

We quietly pushed the site live last Thursday.  The date directly coincided with the one-year anniversary of the day we moved to Maui.  I didn’t plan for that. As a matter of fact, it was supposed to be live weeks ago.  But life happened, and my developer had a medical emergency.  And it got pushed back.  The significance of the accidental-date-lineup is not lost on me.  I think I needed an entire year of transition to subconsciously get ready for this rebrand.  To settle into a place I never thought twice about moving to until six months before making the leap.  And embrace something hidden deep down inside that I didn’t realize was there.

In the last year, I’ve defined my own style.  As much as I’ve resisted Pinterest (for years), it helped me hone in on consistencies.  Which, in turn, helped provide the foundation for this new brand.  Spiritually, I’ve spent weeks studying the significance of palm trees in the Bible.  It turns out they represent luxuriant freshness.  They symbolize steadfastness and longevity.  And they grow in the most difficult places, producing fruit years after the first planting.  In other words, they aren’t just a flash-in-the-plan.  They are slow-and-steady-wins-the-race.  And the coconuts.

For the first time, this accidental venture of mine has its own brand.  For the first time, we have an intentionally thought-out brand.  I’ve created my own style guide.  Defined the pantone colors.  Assigned the headline, body copy, and accent fonts.  And decided on patterns (which, it turns out, aren’t any at all – yet).  And it’s changed everything.

We’re completely transforming how we approach
branding design around here.

 We’ve been floating along for the last five years rather successfully.  And now that this business is here to stay, we’re rolling up the sleeves to dig a little deeper.  The most significant changes include:

The Client Brief – Before the Project

We’ve added one extra (and very important) step to the very beginning of our logo development process.  The Client Brief gives us the background information necessary to understand not only why you’ve chosen to tackle this project, but also the vision behind it.  The expectations you have for it.  And what will signify the success of it for you personally.

Branding Style Guides – After the Project

Our newly redesigned Branding Style Guides feature between four and six pages of detailing important instructions for successful brand execution.  The guides cover font information, pantone color selection, watermark and pattern instructions, and printing tips for both commercial and letterpress printing.

Interested in partnering with us on a branding project of your own?   Review our pricing, and then drop us a note.

Otherwise, stay tuned to the blog.  We have over two dozen recent projects to share, as well as some other inspirational and educational goodies.  And finally, we’d love to hear what you think about the new site!  Leave a comment below. One lucky commenter will receive a special gift this week!