A New Brand for Kelly & Logan Photography

This new project is a custom brand for photographers Kelly and Logan – a mother-daughter photography duo. While launching their new business together wasn’t a real beginning, they needed a new brand to reflect their venture. A recent move from Atlanta to Nashville provided the perfect excuse to rebrand. I was honored to be able to take on their project!

Both Kelly and Logan will tell you that they do what they love. While they both take their jobs very seriously, they make sure never to take themselves too seriously. You’ll often catch them laughing at and with each other. And after reading through their initial emails, I knew that we would work perfectly together. They love traveling (like I do). Sippin’ coffee (never miss a day without it). Red wine (I prefer the more rosy variety). Meaningful conversation: check! Jesus: check! And although chips and salsa are their weakness (umm, guilty), they are total foodies in the best city to be one!

It was so fun to design a brand that encompassed all of that. I am always in awe of mother-daughter duos – what an incredible legacy to work together in a way that also leaves behind tangible memories for other families! When we started, they knew they wanted some sort of graphic element in their logo. They weren’t sure what that would be. But they did know that they wanted it to reflect integrity, elegance, simplicity, warmth, relation, and class. And they also knew it had to fit the three foundational values for their business: Authentic. Beautiful. Timeless.

Finally, they requested a mix of a sans serif font and a friendly script. Easy as pie, right? I took all of that information, along with their perfectly-styled Pinterest board, and got to work on their brand.

First, a look at some of the outtakes:

Custom Branding Design for Photographers Kelly Logan outtakes

And a peek at the new custom brand for photographers Kelly and Logan:

Custom Branding Design for Photographers Kelly Logan outtakes