Custom Branding for Photographer Jaci Haas

Before we get to this new custom branding for photographer Jaci Haas, I should probably give you a life update on me! It’s been a wild couple of years for me behind the scenes, and this blog has been untouched for far too long. If you follow me on Instagram, you know our story well. If not, here are the cliff notes:

• In 2016, I put everything business on hold to be a mom and write a book. Yep, you read that right. I wrote a book with a newborn at home. It’s all about our story of losing my best friend to cancer, moving to Maui to heal, and our ten-year-long journey with delayed fertility.

• Two years almost to the day after we found out about our first miracle babe, we discovered our second was on his way.

• In October of 2018, Mercy Like Morning published. Six weeks later, we sold everything we owned. We moved back across the ocean (when I was nine months pregnant). And just a few weeks after that, we brought home baby #2.

Whew! It’s been quite the whirlwind! Also tucked into that timeframe were a handful of design projects that I can’t wait to finally share with you now that the dust has settled a little bit.

Jaci Haas came to me looking for a new, custom logo & website design to match her evolving photography style. She wanted something simple and elegant what would remain timeless and could grow with her business.

Here’s a peek at the initial logo concepts:

Custom Logo Design for Photographer Jaci Haas

And a look at the new custom branding for photographer Jaci Haas:

Custom Logo Design for Photographers

Custom Logo Design for Photographer Jaci Haas

Custom Logo & Website Design for Photographer Jaci Haas

Click here to view the website.