the process

First Things First – Before the Project Begins:


Since Jane is booked out weeks in advance, the first step is to pay a deposit and get on the waiting list.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve officially gotten onto our calendar, it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves.  Clients come to us too often assuming that since they’ve hired us, we will do all the work for them.  While it’s true that we will do all of the creative work to bring your new brand to life, it’s imperative to understand that we are entering into a branding relationship.  One that will only be as successful as the brain power and cooperation you put into it before the project even begins.

That being said, the very first step in your branding project is completing our Creative Brief.  Once the brief is completed, you will work on our comprehensive logo questionnaire explaining more in detail any initial vision you might have for your new brand.  Your homework will be completed with the submission of an inspiration board on Pinterest of things personally inspiring to you.  This can include everything from colors, typography, stationery, and patterns to architecture, textures, and photography. You can’t provide too much visual inspiration!

What to Expect After You’ve Signed, Sealed, and Delivered:


Creating a new brand takes a lot of time and creativity. Logo development could take up to twelve weeks to complete from initial logo concepts to final website implementation. Please take the wait-list time into consideration and plan accordingly.

Be Specific

When Jane presents initial typography concepts for your review, she needs as much specific feedback as possible to build a visual representation of your unique style that will eventually become the face of your business. Explain what you love, what you want to see more of, and what you would rather not pursue. Remember, open, specific communication perfectly paves the way for a brand that you are guaranteed to love.

Trust the Process

Jane has five years of constant creativity under her belt.  This isn’t her first rodeo. Remember that the process of creating your new brand is collaborative.  And keep in mind that all feedback has value.  Jane will not be offended if a proof doesn’t give you emoji-heart-eyes.  She will toss it out and use the information to hone in on the final proof that does.  Even if it takes a few tries.


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